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Nariman Point, LLC, (“Nariman Point”), is an investment management firm founded in December 2010 that seeks out asymmetric opportunities across asset classes and geographies. Our clients are primarily family offices and asset managers that implement a wide array of investment strategies including Emerging Markets, Long/Short Equity, Private Equity, Reinsurance, Macro and Credit. 

The firm invests in Over-The-Counter (OTC) and listed derivative products that are managed through a flexible segregated account structure which provides our clients with both liquidity and transparency. Customers use Nariman Point's investment management and advisory services in order to: 

1. Generate alpha for their portfolio. 
2. Hedge both idiosyncratic and systemic tail-risk exposure. 
3. Gain insight into the macro environment and potential market disruptions. 
4. Make existing hedging strategies more robust.


Nariman Point, LLC is currently exempt from all Registered Investment Advisor requirements but is fully prepared to meet such requirements at the appropriate time.